I geek out on music. More than that, I want to create a sustainable music industry.

Parallel Lines was the first record I fell in love with and Debbie Harry is my queen. I’ve always loved music. As a child in Houston, I spent balmy summer days watching MTV, VH1, and CNN because I was a weirdo. I dreamt of playing in a band and playing bass lines like Kathy Valentine of the Go-Gos and Michael Steele of the Bangles. So I took up the double bass in orchestra when I was 12 to be an OG and then got an electric bass when I was 15.

Unlike many of my peers, who played in punk bands and started booking shows in their teens, I was an orch dork. My path led me to become orchestra president and book banquets. In college, I played in the wind ensemble, jazz ensemble, and praise band. Post-college, I played bass briefly in a band called Astralis and during this time I realized if you want to go big you gotta have a plan. I messed around with other projects and occasionally still record a song here or there.

My career has meandered. I’ve interned as a music paralegal for an entertain attorney in Atlanta named Michelle Simpson who gave me the best advice to volunteer and get an understanding of business if I want to work in the music industry.

I’ve volunteered my time to the indie band The Wheel Workers offering them marketing advice. I’ve worked for indie concert promoters The Treaty Oak Collective and ODD HOURS to help the Houston music scene. In late 2013, I founded Noise Pollution, a booking and promotions agency and was featured on the Houston Press Rocks Off Blog.

In May 2016, I graduated from St. Edward’s University‘s MBA program with a concentration in digital media management. During that time, I was the Chief Social Officer of the MBA Student Association. I worked in marketing and business development at Front Gate Tickets, I served as the college marketing manager and the operations intern at Transmission Events (the team behind concerts and festivals such as Fun Fun Fun Fest). Someday  I’ll finish developing a podcast called Scratch, about the intersection of music and money. Currently, I do stuff in music in Austin with cool people of Hotel Vegas and Barracuda.

I’m a mother to three amazing children and a cat in Austin, TX.

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