The Mohawk in Austin posed a playful question via Twitter. Houston’s very own Adam Bricks posted it enthusiastically to his Facebook page which is how I came across it. The thought is intriguing and in my opinion not a terrible idea.

The Mohawk is a cool venue in Austin, TX which hosts all of the very best music that comes through the city. It’s a necessary venue to Austin’s economy. The folks who run the venue are invested in creating a welcoming place for artists and music lovers. Their motto is “All Are Welcome.”  All appearances suggest that they’re invested in the music and culture. So I say yes to this because Houston needs venues with people invested in live music more than ever.

Having a Mohawk franchise doesn’t diminish the work that Houston folks are already doing; it supports it. Austin folks aren’t gonna “Austin-up” Houston…come on. Good competition is healthy. It makes everyone work harder, better and smarter. It gives Houston an opportunity to thrive by creating more infrastructure and opportunities for the whole music community such as having higher profiled artists play the city and allowing locals to open for those shows.

Venue owners need also be invested in the shows at their venue, not just for the profits. It takes a lot of love to put together all the components to create a great show. It’s a delicate balance of business and art. And I believe whoever came up with this idea is doing it because there is a problem to be solved.


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