I follow the music scene closely in Texas. I came across a post on Facebook by Roosh Williams about Fitzgerald’s responding to a local producer’s booking inquiry in an unprofessional and hostile manner. It was disheartening to me that someone would respond that way. Day & A Dream covered it more throughly here. The very fastidious Elizabeth Rhodes reported it on it here.

This controversy is very disappointing to say the least. I’ve been a fan of the venue in the past. It’s a great place to catch a band in Houston. I take issue with the way Ms. Fitzgerald responded to the inquiry. It was hostile and yes – it was racist. This is what informs my decision.

  • She wrote out the n-word.
  • She describes the in derogatory and stereotypical ways the audience she perceives will attend the show.
    • “fans that wear their pants 18 inches below their pants”
    • “fans that buy little, tip little”

It is the underpinnings of what people write that show their prejudices. If you don’t understand that perhaps you have some work to do.

Ms. Fitzgerald does have the right to call out misogyny. In fact as a business owner, she can decline to work with anyone she chooses. I believe she handled it in a way that was that was unprofessional. That is my observation.

It’s important to have women that own venues and work in the music industry. Yet it’s important for a city as diverse as Houston to embrace all different types of music and people.

This controversy is disappointing to say the least. Honestly more people lose when this occurs. I sincerely hope it is possible to start a dialogue from this for the city for the sake of music, artists, and businesses and less for Facebook arguments.

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